Sentury Tire introduces the Landsail Qirin 990

Sentury Tire is a world renomned tire manufacturer well-known for Landsail and the Delinte brands.  Sentury have introduced a fantastic new Qirin 990 pattern under the Sentury/Landsail dual brand name concept to promote the Sentury factury name to a new audience.

The Qirin 990 is developed from years of own experience with partnerships and collaberations active in motor sport. The chosen combination of tire structure and tread design ensures impressive performance on both dry and wet roads.

The tires are produced on the Industry 4.0 high-end production lines that guarantee consistent quality. During this production process, the manufacturer also managed to reduce the environmental impact based on its own green objectives. With these production techniques, rubber composition and the well thought-out profile structure also provides superb label values.  The Qirin990 provides B value fuel efficeincy,  A for “wet grip” and just 66 dB for noise charactiristics.  These results ensure the Qirin 990 competes with all major mid-range brands.

The basis of the profile is formed by 4 continuous grooves of varying widths with angled profile grooves connecting to the longitudinal grooves. This optimizes water drainage and minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. The noise production has also fallen sharply. The wide profile blocks on the shoulder with continuous profile grooves to the side of the tire guarantee stability under all conditions.

As the exclusive distributor of the Sentury Tire tire brands, Inter-Sprint Tires also has the full size package of the Qirin 990 in stock and can be delivered directly. The size package currently consists of 13 variants from 15 to 19 inches and will be further expanded in the coming period.